Friday, April 30, 2010

Newest pastel portrait

Em was standing by a window that made the grooviest shadow across her face....


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Celebrate Earth!

How often do I pray for the earth, for animals, plants or other parts of nature?
This week’s tip comes from Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations.

“Perhaps it is more than coincidence that we created this Earth Day at the same time that the church used to process through the fields praying and singing in late April.  They were called for centuries the “Rogation Days,” and of course reflected the largely agrarian Christian world of that time.  For three days they prayed for the earth, the crops, the fields, streams, and the animals.  Surely they were also praying for good weather for their crops, and they knew the immediate and specific connection between planting and harvesting.  (There was no packaged food yet.)

When you pray for something, you are offering it respect and acknowledging its dignity and importance in the great cycle of life.  How sad that many of us now suffer from “NDD” or Nature Deficit Disorder, and do not even know where our food comes from or the names of many plants, trees, foods, and animals that are keeping us alive and keeping the world beautiful and balanced.  Maybe all days deserve to be Earth Days, or Rogation Days of praying, and not just one day.”

The whole earth is full of God's glory!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Sharing a few more of my favorites

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Morning Nap

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Natural Light on the Fly II

Yep, we were at the gun range

This beauty walked across the field to have her picture taken
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Natural Light on the Fly I

Last half-time show for this drum major

I love this chick! Always a surprise!

This was a beautiful afternoon around Christmas
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Monday, December 14, 2009


What season are you experiencing?
Are you able to accept that this "is" now?

That kel, always making me think.

It's been a long, dark, cold winter.  Everything has been asleep while cold has been howling and killing.
But I've survived, asleep somewhere, and now maybe there's a break in the clouds. I feel like my old self sometimes, a little wiser and more careful, seeking the sun. But then, life strikes again--this week I will attend the burial of my 16 yr old nephew, killed accidentally, senselessly, tragically.
I had a hold on life, confident of my place, my space, my calling--it feels like I got hit by a truck while I was singing to my favorite song, hit first with the suicide of my friend and and then...well, everything else.  What my sister must be going through is unimaginable.

It's not my thing to reach out, ask for help.  Obviously, I disappear if I don't have an encouraging word, a wise observation to share.  I'm not one of those weak, needy people that need a lot of hand-holding.
Oh, who am I kidding--I really need everybody to hold my hand right now. It won't make the winter go away, but I will feel a little warmer.