Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meet Tommy

Mr P met Tommy when he was 14 years old and Tommy was six years older. When Tommy got saved, so did Mr P. He tells me that no one can outscripture Tommy--he knows his bible backward/forward/inside and out. When tragedy came to Mr P and took everything, Tommy was right there until MrP found his way back to life on a dirt bike. He and his wife were the first persons Mr P introduced me to when he believed I was the one: "This is my future." For 36 years, they have shared that bond of absolute unconditional love and comfort. When Tommy's teen-age son died, MrP didn't have any words of comfort--he stayed close and promised Tommy that he would take him dirt bike riding.
That was 13 yrs ago. Tommy has had some health issues--when he visited last week, he told everyone,"I'm not drunk, I've had a few strokes!" He's unsteady, keeping his cane close. He can't read his Bible so well anymore. When everyone settled in for a great Tommy sermon, his most fervent words were spoken directly to each person: "GOD LOVES YOU!" As if we hadn't heard that before--but the way he said it, well, I don't think anyone had believed it quite so much until then.

Mr P and Tommy went outside to sit for awhile--like they do---and MrP rolled his big dirt bike right up on the patio and started it. Tommy didn't ask, just made his wobbly way over and got on the bike. And stayed there until life felt right again.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

One of my favorite songs, by one of my favorite artists.