Sunday, February 4, 2007

Rewinding, reminding

Hmmm...seems I've been on the Lazurus path before; exactly one year ago, I wrote this:

It seems as though Elohim is taking me to places that will redefine every thing I've known about Him and myself. Unlike kel, I have not moved geographically, but I have moved spiritually to new territory. It's like going through the dark coat closet and discovering a new country. It seems magical, and some parts are, but it is also the most dangerous place I've ever been. ( I think I will re-read the Chronicles...) I think the real question in my mind is, "Are you sure, God? Remember who this is You're thinking about using for Your purpose. It's me! " I do want to rise above my religion, to know Him by getting to know Him, not listening to other people tell me about Him. I believe that's what He wants of me. And how do I do that?

By listening to Him.
By asking, listening, and obeying.
By receiving healing, true healing.
When Jesus raised Lazurus from the dead, do you think that Lazurus walked around for the rest of his life with death inside of him, coloring his every thought, dream, and relationships?

"Sorry, I can't get involved with you because I have this fear that I may die, and I don't know if Jesus can raise a dead man twice."

"Well, I'd get a job, but I might just drop dead any time. It's happened before..."

"I need to process this whole dying thing. Where were you, Jesus, that you didn't keep me from dying? Yeah, I know you made me live again, and my life is a living testimony to your healing, mercy, and love, but, really Jesus, if you really loved me, why did you let me die in the first place?"

"No, Mary, I can't pray with you right now. I'm too depressed from being in that dark cave for so long. Martha, could you not clean so loudly? I need to focus on me right now."

" 'Lazurus, come forth.' What did he really mean by that?"

So maybe Lazurus had his bad day. But that man knew true death, and was raised from the dead to a brand new life. And so was I.
That same Jesus who commanded Lazurus to "COME FORTH!" from the grave has spoken the same words over his children.
Come forth out of the grave of tradition and religion.
Come forth out of the grave of sin and unbelief.
Come forth out of the grave of hurt and unforgiveness.
Come forth and LIVE.

My choice is to live.

To live in everything that He has in store for me, not what culture, or tradition, or the past demands of me.

Now fast-forward one year--and I can see through those backward binoculars how some of the grave linens have been removed from me, the veil removed from my face. He has shown me my own weaknesses, failings, habits, and stones in front of my heart that keep me from the fullness of His life.

And I'm getting there, slowly, as each time a little less time goes by between sitting in the dark cave and the stepping out into His light.

"God has helped!"


Erin February 4, 2007 at 11:10 AM  

What a powerful word this is.
Thank you.

trace February 4, 2007 at 11:15 AM  

See, it is a good lesson.

Kansas Bob February 4, 2007 at 5:29 PM  

I think that you and I have been on similar quests this past year P ... paths of redefinition and refinement.

This morning in worshipped we sang "God is good, God is good, and His love endures". It felt like spiritual warfare ... it was like parts of this past year was trying to redefine God. Singing of His goodness was liberating.

Here's to good things in 2007!

Blessings, KB

Patchouli February 4, 2007 at 7:46 PM  

Yes, powerful, liberating, good--
and not without the pain of growth and change.

Kel February 7, 2007 at 2:21 AM  

ooh patchouli, i got goose bumps reading this

my geographical move is an outward manifestation of a journey into new spiritual territory, something outside the box of what I've always "known"

leaving the old has been a long slow painful "death" but now I know it's time to live in fully in the light

thankyou for such powerful imagery and expressive dialogue