Monday, February 11, 2008


A stone within
a void a space a place that crowds out displaces takes over
sucks up blocks blacks whites consumes devours absorbs
sponge cancer spotlight abyss

There goes my

drags me chains me it goes I follow
bullring in my nose
protects me comforts me
this stone
this brilliance
keeps me safe
keeps me bound

It goes there I want to go here

The rope the noose the ties that bind and choke and suffocate
my hope/dreams/laughter/lover/baby/me

Will the stone by rolled away
to hide another wound?

I am what I am in the now that I am
I am now, not then
not a stone, but a dandelion
my hope/dreams/laughter/lover/baby/me
a million dandelion babies
on wings of peace
grow babies grow